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The Care Home Team is part of the Medicines Management Team. Our role is to work in conjunction with our care homes and GPs by providing support and best practice guidance around medicines management:

  • Holistic clinical medication reviews
  • Training and education
  • Improving the systems around the prescription cycle
  • Reducing waste

The Team consists of Care Home Lead, Clinical Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians and a Dietitian who all specialise in care homes medicines management best practice; if you require any support or have any medicines management issues relating to care homes please contact us on


Contact number: 01743 277557

Useful resources

Self-Care Medicines and Homely Remedies Guide (Review Jan 2022)

Care Home Influenza Outbreak Protocol (Review Oct 2021)

Covert administration of medicine policy and guidelines - June 2018

Infection Prevention and Control for Care Home and Domiciliary Staff Leaflet

PRN protocol

Reducing waste medicines guideline

Medication profile template

Topical preparation information template

Topical preparation record template

A guide to monitoring blood glucose for diabetic patients in care homes

UTI Toolkit - This toolkit has been developed by Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group infection prevention and control (IPC) team and staff from the independent care sector homes as a resource to assist in not only preventing urinary tract infections (UTI) but managing clients with a UTI.

Reporting controlled drug incidents - care home guidance

Hydration resources

Medicines Optimisation in care homes (MOCH)

MOCH medicines review guidelines

Medication review and resource documents

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