Vote for New Logo - The Choice is Yours

8 August 2019 10:42am

To help show people what Shropshire Care Closer to Home is all about, we are looking to use a new programme logo, but want your vote as to which is the best design.
This is part of our commitment to keeping people involved in Shropshire Care Closer to Home, a model of care which will bring the health and social care that people need to their community, or even their own home.
This will mean helping people stay as well as possible for as long as possible and supporting them so that they don’t become seriously ill. 
A local graphic designer has recently been commissioned to create a series of concepts that captures the aims of Shropshire Care Closer to Home. The preferred concept will then be developed to become the brand new logo for the Programme.
We want to offer patients, members of local communities, and anyone interested in the Programme the opportunity to share their opinions and get involved in the decision making process.
Here is the link to a number of designs that could potentially become the final logo.
This logo will be used as part of the branding for all documents issued by the Programme Team including reports, press releases, presentations and general communications and marketing materials, as well as by the wider network of health and social care providers.
The team is looking for a design that will work to build an association for members of the public and patients, and all those who will come into contact with the Programme. Therefore we want feedback on your preferred option, and why this has appealed to you.
The design options are as follows:

  • (Option 1) The Heart inside a House
  • (Option 2) The House inside a Heart
  • (Option 3) The Heart wrapped around a House
  • (Option 4) The Heart made from two Walking Canes

To submit your preferred choice of concept, please email before Friday, 16 August, 2019 at 12noon.
The feedback will then be collated and the outcome announced in a later edition of the Shropshire Care Closer to Home newsletter.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you in advance for your involvement.