Update for Patients of Whitehall Medical Practice

27 September 2019 9:58am

We are reassuring patients of Shrewsbury’s Whitehall Medical Practice (Malling Health) that no-one will be left without a GP.

To reiterate, despite efforts by the CCG to find a new provider to take over Whitehall Medical Practice, unfortunately no applications were received.

Shropshire CCG wished to continue the service, and did all it could to try to make this happen, but without a provider there was no choice but to close the practice.

Working with the local authority, the CCG had identified an alternative location for the practice once it was known that the lease on the premises was coming to an end. However, as no-one came forward to take on the contract these premises were not required.

As of Friday, 20 September, over 2,200 patients have transferred to a new practice. All remaining patients have been written to and allocated a GP practice close to their home address. Included in the letter are details of how and where to register.

Therefore, it is guaranteed that all patients will have access to a new GP practice from Monday, 30 September.

If a patient needs an urgent appointment, but has not yet re-registered, they are advised to contact the practice identified on the letter that has been sent to them. Practices will have a list of all allocated patients and will be able to accept them prior to an appointment. Time will need to be allowed ahead of an appointment to complete registration forms.

Belvidere Medical Practice removed the limit of five registrations per day in mid-August and has been accepting up to 20 a day since then. The practice has not received more than 20 registration requests in a single day.

All patient records will be stored by Primary Care Support England (PCSE) until re-registrations have been completed. They will then be forwarded to new practices.

Throughout this process patients have been notified regularly of any updates relating to Whitehall Medical Practice. They were first contacted regarding the contract ending with Malling Health in November 2018 and were asked for feedback via a patient survey.

Patients have been listened to, and following their feedback to the survey, the CCG went through a formal procurement process to find a new provider but unfortunately no-one came forward.

In February, an update letter was issued with the results of the survey and patients were advised on the next steps. Further to this, letters were also sent in June 2019 to make patients aware that the practice would be closing at the end of September. This was followed by a reminder letter in early August.

Patients can be assured that there is capacity in practices across Shropshire, and that there has been weekly contact made with all Shrewsbury practices that have been identified as potentially receiving large numbers of new patient registrations.

The CCG is working with practices to ensure they are provided with the support they need. The type of support requested has been around conversion of a non-clinical room into a clinical room, support for additional administration staff, and support from the CCG Medicines Management team.

Help is also offered through the Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) for anyone who is having difficulty registering at a new practice. We would like to encourage patients to call 0800 0320897 or e-mail: SHRCCG.CustomerCare@nhs.net if they have any queries.