The launch of a new service for men in Shropshire who have been abusive to a partner

19 October 2017 10:51am

Domestic Abuse is a problem that impacts upon many lives and the effects are felt by victims and others especially children who are living with such experiences. In 2016-2017 the Police received 4,355 calls for assistance regarding domestic incidents and there were 339 referrals to MARAC (the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences) which manages the higher risk domestic abuse cases. If you wish to make a referral to MARAC or to use the domestic abuse risk assessment which is part of the referral please view the Multi Agency MARAC Referral Form.

Shropshire Public Health in collaboration with its partner agencies are launching a “voluntary perpetrator programme” for men who have been abusive. The term voluntary means that the man who is to attend is doing so because they have recognised at some level that there is a need to stop the abusive behaviour they have engaged in. Previously such courses have only been available in Shropshire to people who have been before the courts but this new service is an attempt to help perpetrators of abuse get help to change these patterns at an earlier stage. The “becoming respectful” programme is run by  Warwickshire and West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company (Probation). The course runs for 12 weeks for 2 hours per session and aims to address areas including self-awareness, motivation as well as managing and changing behaviours.   Initially the course will be run as a pilot from October/November 2017 and it is envisaged that it will continue. So depending upon when you are considering referring please check with the provider whose details are in the referral form. Access  is via the completion of the attached referral and there is also a leaflet to explain what the course can offer and can be given to potential attendees. 

Support for victims of Domestic Abuse is also available from various organisations including the Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service and there are links below to various organisations that may be able to help:

Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service

West Mercia Women's Aid

Safe Lives

For more information view the WWMCFC_Becoming Respectful Leaflet and you can fill in the VPP Referral Form