Support for Families, Carers and those with Health Conditions

6 April 2020 3:28pm

Shropshire Council has compiled a list of useful links to organisations who can provide coronavirus-related support to families, carers and those with health conditions relating to mental health, bereavement support and health conditions.

Parents, children and young people

Staying healthy and active at home

Mental health




Reading and e-libraries


Children with autism


Public Health Nursing Service

  • Single Point of Access (SPOA): telephone and texting number - 0333 358 3654
  • Health Visitors: Text Health Visiting Under 5's: 07520 635212
  • School nursing (5-19): 07507 330346


People with learning disabilities



People with health conditions:

Some charities and organisations have worked with the NHS to produce specific advice about coronavirus.


Other lung conditions, such as COPD

Joint and muscle conditions, such as arthritis

Heart disease


Support with alcohol, drugs or mental health