Reassurance for Patients over Whitehall Medical Practice

19 September 2019 4:05pm

NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is reassuring patients of Shrewsbury’s Whitehall Medical Practice (Malling Health) that no-one will be left without a GP when the practice closes at the end of the month.

As of Friday, 13 September, over 2,000 patients have transferred to a new practice close to their home address. All remaining patients will receive letters shortly advising them of their new GP practice and how to register.

Where a patient has been allocated a practice, they will still have to register but can be assured that the new practice identified will accept them. Therefore, no patient will be left without access to a GP service.

If a patient has been allocated a practice, they are still able to register at an alternative practice if they choose to do so. All other practices across the Shropshire CCG are aware of the position and are able to register patients who live within their defined practice area.

Patients were first contacted regarding the contract ending at Whitehall Medical Practice (Malling Health) in November 2018 and were asked for feedback via a patient survey. In February, an update letter was issued with the results of the survey and patients were advised on the next steps.

Further to this, letters were also sent in June to make patients aware that the practice would be closing at the end of September. This was followed by a reminder letter in early August.

Dr Julian Povey, Chair of Shropshire CCG, said: “Patients can be assured that there is capacity in practices across Shrewsbury to enable them to register at a new practice. 

“The CCG has been in weekly contact with all Shrewsbury practices that had been identified as potentially receiving large numbers of new patient registrations to ensure that they are provided with the support they need. 

“Help is also offered through the Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) for anyone who is having difficulty registering at a new practice. We are encouraging patients to call 0800 0320897 or e-mail: if they have any queries.”