NHS CCG employees get ready for a record-breaking flap

3 July 2018 3:11pm

Getting in a flap this summer is Ceri Wright, Care Home Lead in the Medicines Optimisation Team, (pictured below) and some of her colleagues from NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). They are taking part in an attempt to break an existing Guinness Book of Records title for the largest number of people to do the Charleston at one time.

The attempt will take place in Quarry Park in Shrewsbury at 1pm on Saturday, 22 September, 2018. It has been organised as a way to raise awareness of the health and emotional well-being benefits of dance and to raise funds for Severn Hospice.

The number to beat is 975 people and they must dance the choreography for a full five minutes, accurately and in unison. And it’s looking like a real NHS Shropshire CCG team effort as Ceri will be joined by a number of her colleagues including Alison Callingham, Jane Ibbs, and Thelma Jenks.

Ceri, a pharmacy technician responsible for medicines management in care homes, who has been at NHS Shropshire CCG (and Primary Care Trust) for 16 years, said: “I got involved in the Charleston dance class about six years ago because I saw a video and it looked like fun. Both the exercise and the camaraderie are a perfect way to unwind. The satisfaction that comes with nailing a new routine or even a challenging move has got to be one of the best tonics available. Turns out it’s becoming a bit of a family affair - I've now persuaded David, my husband, to join and since going I've also learnt that one of my grandmothers was a keen flapper in her day!”

The record-breaking attempt has been organised by Ceri’s dance teacher, Sarah Bright, owner of Revel in Dance. Sarah said: "This event is more than a world record attempt - it is also about raising awareness of the physical and emotional benefits of dance, and the work of Severn Hospice.

“Not everyone enjoys the gym or running so it really important to find a way to exercise that you are likely to stick with. Attending a dance class like the Charleston is not only fun, it will also get your heart rate going and improve your muscular strength, balance, coordination, as well as your memory and stamina.”

To take part in the charity Charleston record-breaking attempt participants will need to go to one of the eight workshops to learn the simple routine in advance. As a way to help stay fit and healthy, weekly classes are also available for beginners and more advanced learners.  For further information or to take part in the Charleston record attempt, please visit the Revel in Dance website at http://www.revel-in-dance.com/.

Getting ready to flap is Ceri Wright, Care Home Lead in the Medicines Optimisation Team at NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group.