How to Register with an Alternative Practice - Whitehall Medical Practice (Malling Health)

8 July 2019 10:21am

How to Register with an Alternative Practice

Whitehall Medical Practice (Malling Health)

Closing Date - Monday, 30 September

Unfortunately no-one came forward to take on the contract to run the Practice so without any GPs, clinical or practice staff, it will close on Monday, 30 September.

All patients have been contacted and have been asked to register at an alternative practice and here is a quick reference guide to help patients transfer to a new practice.

What do I need to do now?

You will need to register with a new, alternative GP Practice before Monday, 30 September.

How do I find an alternative GP practice?

All our practices across Shropshire have open lists, which means they can all take new patients who wish to register. You just need to check that you live in a practice’s catchment area and this information should be on the practice’s web site.

We have already shared a list of our practices with Whitehall patients, but for quick reference please go to the Shropshire CCG web site

What do I have to do to register at a new practice?

Once you have found a practice that covers your address that you would like to register with, contact the practice and you’ll just need to complete a registration form.  They may ask you to come in to the practice to do this, and may ask to see a form of identification.

How long will it take to transfer to my new practice?

Practices can accept your registration straight away and then they need to process the registration. The time this takes can vary across practices so please check with your new practice. Until your registration is finalised, you continue to be a patient at Whitehall Medical Practice and can continue to access their services.

When do I start using my new practice?

Your new practice will let you know when your registration is expected to be processed, after which you will be able to start using your new practice.

What do I do about my repeat prescription?

Make sure your repeat prescriptions are up-to-date, and that you have a sufficient supply of any prescribed medications, before you register with a new practice just to make sure you don’t run out.

What happens if I forget, or don’t have time, to re-register with a new GP before Whitehall closes?

To ensure that patients will continue to have access to a GP practice, we will automatically transfer any patients to a new, local GP practice if they haven’t re-registered by the time Whitehall closes. They will be contacted with the details of their new practice.

If you have any queries or need help registering with another GP

Please contact:

Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS)

0800 032 0897