Hints and Tips from Shropshire Health Bosses on How to Fight the Common Cold

7 January 2020 2:29pm

Health bosses at NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are advising residents that they do not need to see a GP with symptoms of a common cold.

You can usually treat a cold at home or speak to your local pharmacist for advice on over-the-counter medications, with no appointment necessary. These can be purchased at low cost from pharmacies, supermarkets, the high street, and local stores.

To further aid residents during the winter months, a top tips guide and poster have been designed to share useful health information about the common cold, such as identifying its symptoms, effective treatment, and tips on preventing colds from spreading.

Elizabeth Walker, pharmacist and Head of Medicines Management at Shropshire CCG, said: “Most of us are likely to catch a cold at some point, and they spread quickly and easily, so it is a good idea to stock up on treatments in your medicine cabinet ready for when those first sniffles start.

“Symptoms of the common cold can include a runny or blocked nose, coughing, sneezing, a sore throat and a raised temperature. There is plenty you can do to help ease the symptoms, like visiting your local pharmacist for advice on treatments, and buying low-price remedies.

“You don’t even need to buy the more recognised brands as these are often the more expensive. As long as the active ingredients within the medicine are the same you will experience the same effect.

“In most cases you do not need to see your GP with the common cold. Rest and sleep, as well as drinking plenty of water and gargling salt water to soothe a sore throat can all relieve symptoms.

“However if you have experienced cold symptoms for more than three weeks without any marked improvement, we would advise making an appointment with your GP.”

For further information and advice on common colds, pop into your nearest pharmacy or visit: www.shropshireccg.nhs.uk/health-advice/self-care.