Guidance from Shropshire Health Bosses On How to Tackle Mild Dry Skin

11 February 2020 10:07am

Tips on how to treat mild dry skin at home rather than seeing your GP have been shared by health chiefs at NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Remedies for mild dry skin can be purchased at low cost from pharmacies across the County, as well as supermarkets, the High Street and local stores.

You can also speak to your local, expert pharmacist, with no appointment necessary, for help and advice on over-the-counter medications that can effectively treat mild dry skin.

An information poster and top tips guide have also been designed to inform Shropshire residents of the causes, prevention and care of mild dry skin.

Top tips include drinking plenty of water, reducing the length of baths and showers, avoiding harsh soaps and bubble baths, as well as increasing the amount of humidity in a room. This can be achieved by placing a damp towel on a warm radiator.

Elizabeth Walker, pharmacist and Head of Medicines Management at Shropshire CCG, said: “Mild dry skin is a common condition, more widespread in the winter months. Our bodies are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, from a cold wind outside to the drying effects of central heating.

“For many people dry skin is not a sign of a skin condition, and a visit to the doctor is unnecessary - it just means that they need to moisturise their skin more regularly.

“However if you experience widespread, dry, cracked, itchy skin which persists beyond two weeks you should see your GP.

“It is also worth remembering that just because a cream is more expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than cheaper ones. Moisturising treatments (emollients) are readily available to buy from supermarkets or pharmacies and can be used as a moisturiser or a soap substitute.”

For further information and advice on mild dry skin, pop into your nearest pharmacy or visit: