Government Announcement: Coronavirus Lockdown Extended

17 April 2020 1:50pm

Yesterday (Thursday, 16 April) the Government announced that the coronavirus lockdown will be extended for a further three weeks to continue to manage the outbreak.

During the announcement, First Secretary of State, Dominic Raab, warned that relaxing the current social distancing measures too soon could mean a second spike in coronavirus cases.

He also stated that the infection rate is not as far down as is needed and that social distancing measures still need to be applied by all to help slow the virus’ spread.

He added that social distancing measures look to have been successful so far, yet in some settings the rate of infections may still be increasing, such as in hospitals and social care settings.

The Government continues to follow scientific and medical advice, as well as to monitor what other countries are doing. This is to ensure that the right steps are taken at the right time.

Please continue to respect social distancing measures as they are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible and to prevent our NHS from becoming overwhelmed.

Stay home, stay safe.