Get Your Flu Jab

31 October 2019 11:17am

If you are eligible for the flu vaccine, please contact your GP or local pharmacist to protect yourself this winter.

Although there have been national issues with the late delivery of flu vaccines to GPs and pharmacies, our practices are working hard to ensure that all patients are invited for their flu vaccine as soon as they arrive, with higher risk patients being called in first.

Details of how to contact your GP practice can be found via the Shropshire CCG website.

The free flu vaccination is offered to those who are at increased risk from the effects of flu. These include:

  • people aged 65 and over
  • pregnant women
  • people with underlying health conditions
  • children (aged 2-9)
  • carers

For those in ‘at-risk groups’ the flu can lead to more serious complications like pneumonia or bronchitis. Flu, on top of health conditions like these, can increase the chances of serious health complications and a hospital visit.

At-risk children (up to Year 6), should receive their flu vaccination in school or via additional clinics as appropriate. The Immunisation Team from Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust can be contacted on 01743 450 800. At-risk children of secondary school age should receive their flu jab from their GP practice.

Flu is a highly infectious illness and is different to the common cold. Symptoms include fever, chills, headaches, aching muscles, joint pain and fatigue.

The flu vaccination offers protection for millions of people most at-risk including young children, the elderly and those with long-term health conditions. It is therefore vital that those eligible have the vaccination every year as the vaccine protects against different strains of flu which can evolve each year.

Aside from having the flu vaccine, the best way to prevent the spread of flu is to practice good hand hygiene. If you think you have flu, stay at home and rest until you feel better. You can call NHS 111 if you have an underlying health conditions or feel very unwell.

Pharmacists are also available for free, professional advice, as well as extensive over-the-counter remedies and treatments which can be bought without the need for an appointment or prescription.

For more information about the flu vaccination please visit: