Extended Access Survey update

29 August 2018 12:38pm

Following the requirement from NHS England that all registered patients should be able to access evening and weekend GP appointments from Monday, 1 October, 2018, the CCG undertook a survey of patients and the public. The survey was available both online and in hard copies between 30 April and 25 May, 2018. Thank you to everyone that took part. 

Overview of the key facts and figures from the Extended Access Survey: 

  • In total, there were 1,513 responses
  • 71% of the respondents were female
  • 49% of the respondents were aged 56 and over
  • 12% of respondents stated that they would not give permission to have their medical details shared
  • 82% said that they were able to attend appointments between 8.30am and 6pm
  • 39% stated that they had difficulty in getting an appointment when they needed one
  • 48% said that they would prefer to see a GP in the morning, 19% in the afternoon and 33% in the evenings
  • In terms of weekends, most (45%) would prefer any weekend time slot, with 36% preferring Saturday mornings – only 4% wanted Saturday afternoons, 1% Sunday mornings and 0.5% Sunday afternoons
  • There was a mixed response to whether people would be prepared to go to a different GP practice in the evening or at the weekend – 36% Yes, 36% Maybe, 28% No
  • 42% were prepared to travel up to 5 miles and 46% were prepared to travel up to 10 miles to get to a different practice for a weekend or evening appointment
  • 51% said that they would be interested in a telephone consultation, 17% via email and 19% via video/Skype for weekend or evening appointments
  • 22% would request an appointment on a bank holiday if one were available

The results have been shared with the groups of practices that are developing extended access delivery models to help inform the detail of their provision.

Further information can be found here.