Do You Know What To Do If Your Child Has Bronchiolitis or Croup?

26 November 2019 11:40am

Parents, guardians and carers are being encouraged by Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to find out how to identify and manage life-threatening illnesses like Bronchiolitis and Croup in their children.

The CCGs are helping parents, guardians and carers to spot the symptoms of respiratory problems like Bronchiolitis and Croup. These illnesses are most commonly seen in children under 16, with about one in five being diagnosed in their childhood. While there are similarities, they both present slightly differently.

Symptoms of Bronchiolitis include a sore throat, a headache, a runny or blocked nose, aches and pains, and tiredness.

The warning signs of Croup infection include a barking cough that sounds like a seal, a hoarse voice, difficulty breathing, and a rasping sound when breathing in.

The two CCGs have created a downloadable information pack, available through their websites that includes easy-to-understand instructions for parents, guardians and carers. The pack provides advice on what action to take if a child is unwell, depending on the severity of their symptoms – which could help saves lives in future.

Dr Julian Povey, Chair of Shropshire CCG, said: “Respiratory infections in children can vary in severity from mild discomfort to seriously painful and life-threatening. We want to ensure that, when a child is feeling unwell, parents have the best information to hand to help them get better. The advice sheets we’ve produced are easy to access and understand, and they will enable parents to get the quickest and most appropriate advice and treatment for their child.”

Dr Jo Leahy, Chair of Telford & Wrekin CCG, said: “The advice sheets we’ve produced will be incredibly valuable for any parents, guardians and carers who are concerned for the health of their children. The information they provide can help you differentiate between mild symptoms, suggest what treatments would be appropriate, as well as serious warning signs that mean you should seek immediate urgent or emergency care for your child.

“I would recommend parents take the opportunity to visit our websites and download the advice sheets, so they have them to hand in case they ever need them.”

Shropshire CCG and Telford & Wrekin CCG are working to raise awareness of the six most common conditions and symptoms that can lead to children and young people being seen by urgent and emergency care services.

‘The Big 6’ advice sheets include warning signs to look out for, a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs), that you can use to assess the seriousness of your child’s illness, and advice about what actions you need to take in response to the symptoms presented. Parents, guardians and the general public can access the Bronchiolitis and Croup advice sheets on the Shropshire CCG website.