Changes to Prescribing of Over-the-Counter Medicines

Information and resources

Patient information resources to help explain changes to prescribing of over the counter medicines, to support discussions between patients and healthcare professionals and to help patients make informed choices and decisions including:

  • Knowing who to seek advice from for minor health concerns - Pharmacies should be the first point of contact
  • Stocking-up on over-the-counter medicines for minor ailments - being prepared could mean resting and starting treatment sooner
  • Branded products versus lower cost versions of the same medicines - these are often just as effective and could help to save you money
  • Be aware of how long it should take for simple conditions to clear up - and know when to see a GP​

On this page:


NHS Shropshire CCG information and resources

NHS Shropshire CCG has developed a patient information leaflet and information video to help explain self-care and Over the Counter Medication:

NHS England - national information and resources

NHS England has produced patient information documents to help support discussions between patients and healthcare professionals.

You can access and download these documents via the NHS England website.

Finding more information and support

For information and advice on treating minor health concerns:

Find out more about this change to prescription policy at