Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)

Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) provides a way for people to design and improve maternity care together. 

What is an Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)?

A Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is an independent team made up of women and their families; commissioners (who plan, buy and monitor services); providers (who deliver services such as midwives and doctors); the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), who commission health services, and the Local Authority (LA), who commission public health and social care and support services.

A Maternity Voices Partnership provides a way for this team of people to design and improve maternity care together. All these different people working together to share ideas and identify solutions for the design and improvement of maternity care is called co-production. The function of the MVP is more than simply to listen, it is a way of discussing challenges and ways of overcoming them, across Shropshire (including Powys) and Telford & Wrekin to provide co-produced solutions.

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Five basic principles of MVP

There are five basic principles of MVP - view these here or below:

Resources and materials (leaflets, posters, presentations)

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MVP Newsletters

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How to get involved (contact details)

If you are interested in being involved in reshaping future maternity services, there are various ways of getting involved: