Who we are

NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s main role is to plan and buy high quality, value-for-money health care services from a range of healthcare providers on behalf of Shropshire people. 

We are a ‘membership organisation’. Our membership consists of the 41 GP Practices that serve the county’s population. This means the family doctors (GPs), and the other health professionals who work in our practices, such as nurses, are members of the CCG.

We have a Governing Body which meets in public each month and makes the important decisions for our organisation. Most of our Governing Body members are local doctors who continue to work in our communities, treating people. A part of their working week is dedicated to the CCG to help us develop our plans and services. The CCG also has a team of dedicated and skilled managers that run the CCG on a day-to-day basis. Senior managers make up the remainder of the Governing Body. You can meet the Shropshire CCG board here.

We work closely with other local NHS organisations as well as partners such as Shropshire Council, voluntary organisations and other groups that represent local people.

We are committed to providing opportunities for you to have your say, in the knowledge that your opinions will be listened to and acted upon.  

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