Drug Formulary

Welcome to the NHS Shropshire CCG Formulary Page

This formulary is a list of preferred treatment choices, selected from the wide range of medicines available. It is intended to be used when a clinician reviews or initiates a treatment.

The formulary is listed in BNF order. If a drug is not included then it is considered non-formulary. Non-formulary choices may be prescribed under certain circumstances please contact Primary Care Support Team for further advice about prescribing non-formulary choices.

The formulary is not a comprehensive guide to all the medicines available, reference to the British National Formulary and Summary of Product Characteristics may still be required and these links can be found at the bottom of this page.

Next to each medicine there may be prescribing points relevant to the drug, hyperlinks to locally developed supporting information, NICE and MTRAC materials where available.

1) Gastrointestinal
2) Cardiovascular
3) Respiratory - Supporting documents:

4) Central Nervous System
5) Infections
6) Endocrine Supporting documents:

7) Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Urinary Tract Disorders
8) Musculoskeletal and joint diseases
9) Eye - Supporting documents:

10) Ear,Nose, and Oropharynx
11) Skin - Supporting documents:

The formulary colour coding, as shown below, has been updated to reflect local agreements.

To facilitate the implementation of the formulary an electronic formulary ready to integrate into GP systems is available. In addition Shropshire CCG has funded ScriptSwitch® software which directs prescribers to the preferred choices agreed by Shropshire CCG Formulary Group as well as advising about shared care and specially commissioned drugs.

The Shropshire CCG Formulary Group comprises 4 representative General Practitioners, 5 Pharmacists, 1 Pharmacy Technician and 1 administrator. The preferred list is based on NICE guidance, Technology appraisals, local Area Prescribing Committee formulary decisions and MTRAC opinion. The formulary list is continually reviewed.

The decisions about formulary drug inclusions are considered at the Shropshire CCG Formulary Group monthly meetings. The formulary does not include all licensed products within a therapeutic class but includes medicines that offer a wide range of clinical applications, best quality published evidence with an emphasis on patient orientated outcomes and value for money.

We hope that the formulary provides clinicians with flexibility and sufficient choice to cover 80-90% of prescribing.