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HR and Health & Safety

Human Resources (HR)

The Human Resources (HR) Policies zip file contains the following documents:

Absence Management Policy
This policy sets out the procedure for reporting sickness absence and the support that employees can expect when they are unwell to ensure the management of sickness absence in a fair and consistent way.

Annual Leave Policy
The aim of the Annual Leave Policy and Procedure is to ensure a uniform and equitable approach to the calculation of annual leave and general public holiday entitlements which take into account the arrangements as defined under NHS Terms and Conditions.

Appraisal Policy
This policy is designed to provide a framework across the CCG for a well-planned and effective staff appraisal system.

Apprenticeship Policy
This policy sets out how the CCG approach to apprentices.

Dignity and Respect at Work Policy
This policy aims to ensure that all staff are treated with dignity and applies to staff at all levels, regardless of their status.

Disciplinary Policy
This policy sets out the CCG’s approach to the management of disciplinary issues. It applies primarily to issues of conduct or inappropriate behaviour such as violence or aggression.

Flexible Working Policy
This policy sets out the approach to the handling of flexible working requests.

Grievance Policy
This policy sets out the approach to the handling of individuals’ grievances. It seeks to secure satisfactory resolution of problems, issues and concerns and aims to encourage both employees and managers to resolve issues at the earliest possible opportunity and at the lowest level available, through open and honest discussion.

Long Service Award Policy
This policy recognises those staff who have reached certain service ‘milestones’ by providing a system of awards for long service, achieved whilst still in service with the CCG.

Managing Performance Policy 
This policy provides a framework for dealing with lack of capability on a fair and consistent basis.

Maternity Policy
This policy is designed to provide a framework across the Organisation for a consistent and timely approach to the new and expectant mother.

Maternity Risk Assessment
Advice for Managers and Assessment.

Modern Day Slavery
This document shows the CCGs position on the Modern Day Slavery Act 2015.

Organisational Change Policy
This policy sets out the approach to organisational change within the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Professional Registration Policy
This policy aims to ensure that all staff required to be registered with a statutory regulatory organisation/body to practise their speciality/field, are fully aware of their contractual obligation to be registered.

Probation Period Review Policy
This document describes the approach of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to the use of probationary periods for new employees.

Retirement Policy
This policy is designed to assist employees who are considering or have taken the decision to retire and outlines the options available and support that can be expected from management.

Recruitment and Selection Policy
The Recruitment and Selection Policy is designed to support managers in providing a fair, consistent and effective approach to the recruitment of all employees and to help managers deal with recruitment and selection effectively and consistently.

Shared Parental Leave Policy (see Special Leave Policy)
This policy outlines the statutory right to take shared parental leave (SPL) to care for a child born or placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015. It also outlines the arrangements and notification requirements before a period of SPL and the entitlement to pay during SPL.

Special Leave Policy
This policy sets out the approach to the handling of balancing the demands of domestic and work responsibilities.

Volunteer Policy
This policy sets out how the CCG will place and support volunteers during their experience to ensure it is useful for both parties.


Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Policies zip file contains the following documents:

Display Screen Equipment Policy
The aim of this policy is to ensure that staff are not subjected to unacceptable levels of risk to their health or safety when using display screen equipment (DSE).

Fire Safety Policy
The fire safety policy is available to all employees in order to help them become aware of potential fire risks and hazards. The fire safety policy also informs employees of what to do in the outbreak of a fire and how best to ensure the safety of employees and others.

Health and Safety Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of CCG staff and other persons, for example contractors, visitors, general public who may be affected by CCG’s activities including travelling on CCG business and at non NHS sites.

Health and Wellbeing Management Policy
The purpose of this policy is to create a working environment where the good mental health and well-being of its employees is paramount and where colleagues feel valued and protected.

Lone Working Policy
The purpose of this policy and guidelines it contains is to reduce and prevent risks involved to members of staff undertaking lone working as part of their daily work routine for the CCG.

Office Safety Procedure
The CCG wishes to ensure that all office environments within its operations are both managed and used in a manner that is conducive to the safety of all CCG employees and other parties who may have cause to work in the offices, for whatever reason.