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List of Detailed Financial Policies

The CCG is required to follow, and accordingly recognises, a number of national policies and other requirements relating to NHS Finance.

For example, it follows the financial reporting requirements for the whole of government set by the Treasury, and the specific requirements of the Department of Health and NHS England within this overall accounting framework.

The CCG participates in a number of shared financial service arrangements, under which the CCG contracts with providers through an agreed service level which is underpinned by the professional policies and standards maintained by those providers.

For example, the CCG uses the national accounting platform and accounting services provided by NHS Shared Business Services. The CCG has also engaged the Midlands & Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit, which provides a range of financial services.

In addition, the CCG has put in place a number of detailed financial policies covering:

The Procurement Strategy is in the process of being updated and will be published shortly. 

Finance Policies