Pharmacy services
Will I have to pay for these services?
Pharmacies participating in the Healthy Start scheme
Community pharmacies participating in the Pharmacy First common ailment scheme
Pharmacy Needs Assessment

Pharmacy services

Pharmacists have always been an integral part of the NHS, providing vital healthcare services.  Your pharmacist can provide a wide range of services, without having to make an appointment.

These services include:

  • Providing you with information and advice on the safe and effective use of medicines that have been prescribed for you by your GP
  • Repeat dispensing – this means if you use the same medicines regularly, and your prescriber agrees, then you will not need to collect a new prescription every time you need more medicines, you will only need to go to your pharmacy.  This is done in partnership with your prescriber (usually your GP or Practice Nurse) and yourself
  • Ensuring your safety through advice on safe systems for handling medicines, including disposal of unwanted medicines
  • Providing you with advice on healthier lifestyles, including advice on stopping smoking and sexual health
  • If you require further advice, support or treatment that your local pharmacy cannot provide, the pharmacist will be able to direct you to other appropriate health and social care services or support organisations, who may be able to assist
  • Providing you with self care advice on coughs, colds or other minor ailments

You may walk into any pharmacy for help and information on healthcare - you do not need to make an appointment.

The NHS Choices website can help you to find local pharmacy services in your area.

Will I need to pay for these services?

There is no charge for consultations with the pharmacist.  Prescription charges will apply unless you are entitled to help with health costs.

Please follow the links on this page for information about NHS charges and how to get help with health costs.

Pharmacies participating in the Healthy Start scheme

Below is a list of local pharmacies where you can exchange your Healthy Start free vitamin vouchers.  Other pharmacies may sign up so it’s worth checking at your local pharmacy if they are able to issue free vitamins to you or your family.  Further details can be found on the Healthy Start website at: or the helpline on: 0845 607 6823.

Healthy Start - participating pharmacies in Shropshire - updated 04.02.2014[pdf] 187KB

Community Pharmacies participating in the Pharmacy First common ailment scheme

A current list of the Shropshire CCG community pharmacies participating in the Pharmacy First common ailment scheme can be found on the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) website.

Pharmacy Needs Assessment

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a statement of the local need for pharmaceutical services and supports the commissioning of pharmacy services based on local priorities.  It is used by NHS England to decide whether there is a need for new pharmacies in the area.

Shropshire's PNA is published here.

Useful Links

For information on help with health costs visit NHS Choices


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