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Shropshire residents urged to get their flu vaccination this Winter

9 October 2017 10:53am

People in Shropshire eligible for a free flu vaccination are urged to protect themselves without delay. It is free for those who are at increased risk from the effects of flu: people aged 65 and over, children aged 2-3, pregnant women, carers and those with long term health conditions. It’s free because you need it.

  • Cold weather can be particularly harmful for older people as it weakens the immune system, increases blood pressure, thickens the blood and lowers body temperature, increasing risks of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and chest infections.
  • Flu can be horrible for little children and if they get it, they can spread it around the whole family. For children, the flu vaccine is not an injection, just a quick nasal spray.
  • Pregnancy naturally lowers the immune system so the flu jab is the safest way to help protect you and your baby against flu. You can have the vaccination at any stage of pregnancy.
  • If you have a long-term health condition like: COPD; bronchitis, emphysema; diabetes; heart kidney or liver disease or have suffered a stroke, flu on top of health conditions like these can easily develop into something very serious and could land you in hospital. If you are the main carer of an older or disabled person you may also be eligible for the free flu jab.

Don’t put off it off. Ask your GP, pharmacist or midwife about the free flu vaccine now. 

There are lots of other ways to Stay Well This Winter:

  • Get advice from a pharmacist at the first sign of a winter illness, before it gets more serious.
  • If you’re at increased risk from the effects of flu (people aged 65 and over, children aged 2-3, pregnant women, carers and those with long term health conditions) you are eligible for a free flu vaccination. Ask your GP, pharmacist or midwife without delay.
  • Pick up prescription medications before the Christmas holidays start, as many GPs and pharmacies will close over the holidays. Also stock up your medicine cabinet with general supplies to help get you and your family through the winter season. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
  • Keep warm both inside and outdoors to help prevent colds, flu and more serious health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression. Find out more at
  • Keep an eye out for elderly relatives and neighbours who might be struggling in the cold weather or icy conditions.