Maternity Engagement Group

Have you used Shropshire Maternity Services in the last two years?

Do you want to be part of a group which aims to ensure the needs of local women, their partners and families are always at the centre of local maternity services?

Be the voice of local women and their families on the new ‘Maternity Engagement Group’.

Who will be in the group?

As well as a number of users of the services, the group will include representatives from the bodies who commission the services (Clinical Commissioning Groups), those who provide the care (the Shropshire Maternity Services), and HealthWatch, the consumer champion for health and care.  Other input will come from relevant voluntary organisations, health visitors and doctors.

How can you contribute?

As a user of the maternity services we need your feedback and creative input.  You can find out the views and experiences of other users of the services and represent them at the meetings.  You can help to monitor the standards of the maternity services and help shape the future of the services.

What will you have to do?

  1. Try to attend as many meetings as you can.  There will only be around four a year, and they will be held in different places and different times to enable as much access as possible.
  2. Be willing to be on the committee for up to two years.
  3. Engage with other users of the services so that you can represent their views.
  4. Be willing to prepare for meetings and follow up any actions agreed.
  5. Agree to abide by principles of confidentiality and mutual respect.
  6. Be committed to represent users as a whole rather than just your individual experiences.

To find out more, please contact The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust:

or telephone 01743 261256.

Maternity Engagement Group poster [pdf] 214KB