Shropshire CCG is committed to providing web products that are Accessible to the widest possible audience. Shropshire CCG views this not only as an ethical obligation but also as an expression of its dedication to Web Accessibility and the primacy of the user experience. Shropshire CCG actively works to ensure that this web product is, and remains, Accessible and usable by people of all abilities and needs.

How to Get the Most Accessible Experience from can be viewed on a range of different screen sizes and the size of text can be changed to suit each user. Shropshire CCG has also included a search facility and site map, as well as a number of colour- and graphic-based navigational cues, to help people find information more easily. can be viewed on any browser or device but, for the best possible experience, users are recommended to use the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 2+
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 7+

Because of the image-heavy nature of, Shropshire CCG recommends that users clear their browser's cookies and refresh the page as a first step when encountering any difficulties. Click here for instructions on how to clear your browser's cookies.

Changing Settings

Using your web browser, you can change the size of text on this website. You can also make other helpful changes in your browser, as well as within your computer generally. To find out what else you can do, visit My Web My Way, a user's guide to Accessibility.

Website Tools

This website also provides some additional tools to help you personalise it to your preferences. A style switcher is available on every web page. It allows you to change the colour contrast and text size of the web content from a single location.

Accessibility Limitations

At the time of launch, is known to have the following limitations to access:

  • Because of the nature of Shropshire CCG's business, the language of the web product's copy may contain a number of medical words of multiple syllables, which render the language an inAccessibly high reading level.
  • Because of the nature of Shropshire CCG's relationships with text-to-speech web service providers, the web product does not currently contain a text-to-speech application.

Contacting Shropshire CCG

Shropshire CCG is always looking for ways to help people get the best experience from If there is information you think should be included on this page, or if you experience any problems accessing the site, please Contact Us. You can also telephone Shropshire CCG at 01743 277500.

Please note: for advice on what information to include when you contact us, we recommend you read Contacting Organisations about InAccessible Websites.

Accessibility Guidelines

All pages of aim to conform to Success Criteria Level 2 (AA) of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. These guidelines are the internationally recognised benchmark for building Accessible websites.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines explain how to make web products more Accessible for people with disabilities and other access challenges. Conformity to these guidelines also makes web products more user-friendly for all people.

This web product has also been constructed according to the recommendations contained in BS (British Standard) 8878 throughout its development life cycle.

This site is currently undergoing web accessibility accreditation and aims to conform to Success Criteria Level 2 (AA) by quarter 3 of  2013.

Web Standards and Technologies has been built to conform to W3C standards for HTML and CSS. These technologies are relied upon throughout the site. The site displays correctly in all Standards-based web browsers and degrades gracefully in older browsers. The web product is fully functional when the CSS is disabled.

In addition, this web product uses JavaScript and PDF technologies. These technologies are not relied upon and the web product works perfectly well without them. Where JavaScript and PDF have been used, they meet the same high levels of Accessibility as the rest of the web product.

This Accessibility statement was updated and revised on April 2nd 2013.

General Enquiries

Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group
William Farr House
Mytton Oak Road
Shrewsbury SY3 8XL

Tel: 01743 277500 (main switchboard)

(please make the topic of your enquiry clear and your email will be directed to the correct place)

Useful Links

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Reporting Inaccessible Websites

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